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My text is Spanish and English, some of it is translated.

Gran dios es el amor Love is a great god Todos mis pensamientos hablan de amor No tiene el amor genealogia conocida ni se la invento por nadie pueblo o poeta Su origen no lo se pues no lo tiene, mas se que todo origen de ella viene aunque es de noche Amor fin doble corazon son la misma cosa tal como dice el sabio en su cancion Y asi no puede ser uno sin el otro como el alma sin la razon You must sit down, says love and taste my milk So I did sit How fair you are, how all rapturous love Here is your figure stately as a palm tree and your breasts are like clusters of fruit I say let me climb the palm tree and take hold of your branches Qué lindos se ven tus pies con sandalias tus caderas torneadas son collares obra artesana de orfebre tu ombligo una copa redonda que rebosa vino aromado tu vientre montoncito de trigo adornado de azucenas tus pechos igual que dos crías mellizas de gacela quedeme y olvideme del rostro recliné sobre el amado ceso todo y quedeme dejando un cuidado entre las azucenas olvidado de vos será. And no word had broken the holy silence of his ecstasy Her eyes had coal and her soul had — To live to her to hold, to triumph, to recreate life out of life.

This year the subject of PR04 is the Olympiad, and projects developed as part of it address, to some extent, the Greek tradition of the Olympics.

SYMPOSIUM was a hybrid product between a traditional symposium and an actual performance of Plato’s symposium, as an updated reenactment by various prominent writers, artists, and critics.

Her ongoing project, , was featured in Documenta IX and many other international exhibitions.

The guests (from as few as 3 or 4 to as many as 12 or 20) reclined on couches arranged in a circle.The project followed the general spirit of PR04 in that it reclaimed the classical cultural tradition of Greece as in the Olympics, and seek to also revive the nourishing nature of the public dialogue, making it more a matter of both spiritual and physical enjoyment than a dry academic one of the foundational documents of Western culture and arguably the most profound analysis and celebration of love in the history of philosophy.To rage, to lust, to write, to commit, all these were product of the god of love If you were to drop dead i would never stop loving you Even though we could no longer screw Solo a los amantes les viene de voluntar morir por otros He who desires but acts not, breeds pestilence, The most sublime act is to set another before you, Solo el amor puede poner verguenza por lo feo Respetuoso amor por lo bello, que sin amor y verguenza no hay manera De que ni particular ni ciudad alguna lleven a cabo obras grandes y buenas No picture is made to endure or to live with, but it is made to sell and sell quickly with usura sin against nature Todo cuanto existe digno es de entrar en la obra de arte, porque goza de la inmanente dignidad de la existencia El arte no distingue cosas sucia o inferior, la distincion de la cosa sucia podra venir del estómago, la cosa inferior del cerebro, el corazon no tiene nada que ver en estas diferenciaciones.Un gran dolor, un inmenso placer hacen olvidar lo sucio y lo inferior, liberando todo en emocion.

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