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Before you can love your partner and feel confident in your relationship, you must be able to understand and love yourself.

Depending on your relationship goals, we may leave the office to clarify your expectations and practice new dating and relationship skills in the real world.

Additionally, as dating has increasingly shifted from physical to online interactions, our perception of dating – how to meet and be with someone – has changed.

The rising number of singles in our society and an increase in the number of dating sites can make it feel like it shouldn’t be so difficult to find someone.

With my help and by applying my Challenger Concept (MWCC), you can find your passion, create a plan and practice the skills you need to enter into and maintain a healthy, loving relationship.Alternately, you may avoid bringing up your needs or wants with your partner out of fear it will end in an argument or create more unspoken tension.Do you wish you could feel happy in a committed, healthy relationship with someone you love? Whether you are struggling to find “the right one” or coping with conflict or tension with your current partner, relationship challenges can quickly leave you feeling unloved and even hopeless.But, what I have discovered over the years is that by finding self-love and understanding the kind of partner you want, you can learn to foster healthy, lasting relationships.During my 15 years as a professional challenge seeker I learned that having a strategic plan – and the determination to persevere – is the most important contributor to success.

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