Consolidating itunes library duplicates

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Think of it like this: in the old days, music aficionados, such as myself, kept shelves full of CDs (or vinyl records) in their house.I would piddle with my music collection on the shelves, organizing it by genre or artist or album name, or what have you." I would be the Wealthiest Fellow such that this site's Amazon, Kagi, and Pay Pal payboxes would be completely unnecessary.This question suggests that the poser has a grand misconception about tracks and files.The path to the file is listed as the "Location",which is how i Tunes knows where the audio file is.So basically, when you activate a track in i Tunes, i Tunes locates the audio file it represents, processes it, and "plays" it.The original file is not moved, however i Tunes only knows about the file it copied to the designated Music folder.Additionally, if you have also checked the "Keep i Tunes Music folder organized" Preference setting checked, then files will be organized into Artist and Album folders based on their corresponding tags.

These are the things you see in the Finder, or download from the i Tunes Music Store, or rip from a CD, and so on.

• i Tunes Library: The i Tunes library, or main library, is the topmost playlist in the i Tunes Source list where every track whose file you have added to i Tunes is listed as a track.

(I will not use library to refer to the "i Tunes Music folder" where files are stored, and neither should you, ) A misconception some users have is that the library is just another playlist that happens to be permanent.

Each track added to the playlist has the same database id as its counterpart in the library. i Tunes tracks, of course, are in the i Tunes library and any playlists you have distributed them to. i Tunes, by default, stores files you have imported from CD, purchased from the i Tunes Music Store, downloaded as Podcasts, or converted from other i Tunes tracks into the default i Tunes Music folder.

You have only created another reference to the same file. This is the topmost folder wherein those audio files (imported, purchased, or converted) are located. ) add is a separate process from import and convert.

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