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This apparently resulted in a mismatch between tap positions shown on the position indicator on the motor drive unit and the actual position of moving contacts.

This evidently led to the failure of the OLTC and consequently the short-circuiting of the regulating tapping winding and high voltage winding of Phase C.

Amercian Body Building on socal media and stay up to date with new products.

Amercian Body Building on socal media and stay up to date.

The company tradition of bridging technology gaps combined with extensive experience of cable manufacturing and installation allows ABB to offer flexible solutions to meet complex demands.

Amercian Body Building on socal media and stay up to date with new and stay up to date with new products.

See Begbie, a fictional character in the book, and film, Trainspotting, written by Irvine Welsh. E.g."I got a speeding ticket yesterday when I was stopped for ragging my beaten up old Fiat at 120." Noun. A dance music style originating from black street culture and having lyrics spoken to a complimentary beat and music.

[Scottish/Cumbria/North-east use] Noun An unscrupulous, devious person. Of vehicles or machinery, to push to the limits of use, to abuse.

All times stamps are reflecting IST (Indian Standard Time). A flatulent imitative sound made with the lips and tongue, either expressing derision or used humourously for its rude associated qualities. These raves are often illegal gatherings with much drug taking, especially 'ecstasy.' 2. The term originated in the 1950s and since the late 1980s in Britain has become synonymous with the 'house' and 'techno' dance scene. E.g."It may be a classic but that tune's been rinsed, play something new will you? Date Sources: Live BSE and NSE Quotes Service: Ticker Plant | Corporate Data, F&O Data & Historical price volume data: Dion Global Solutions Ltd.BSE Quotes and Sensex are real-time and licensed from the Bombay Stock Exchange.

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