Dating husbands best friend

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Elizabeth left her husband of 10 years, José Nunes, at the beginning of July, and revealed that split on Facebook as well.

“[José] has been my dear companion for over 12 years, and they have been wonderful years,” she wrote in a post on July 1. Our reasons are very personal.” The author requested at the time that fans respect her privacy, as “this is a story that I am living – not a story that I am telling.” But now it looks like she has become comfortable with explaining why the split occurred. Hollywood Lifers, how do you feel about Elizabeth’s new relationship with Rayya?

Shortly after moving into our spare room, I asked Alan if he was comfortable."Yeah. "But this room feels like I'm living inside 'Storage Wars.'"On one of my husband's particularly hard days, Alan suggested he join a therapy group.

I think back to all the things I didn't say to him. I wish I had crawled in bed beside Alan and told him that I was afraid.After an eight-hour operation, which removed eighty percent of the tumor and seven weeks of radiation, we were ecstatic.But even though my husband regained the movement on his right side, there were subtle changes in his behavior.Now when my husband yells at me or demands something, I close my eyes and I hear Alan's voice in my head. About a month ago I posted a thread here detailing my husbands best friends fiance who was acting stupid for attention. This guy, about 2 years ago tried to pull the same old (in not these exact words but close) "bros before hoes" with me once when we were alone.

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