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SHAHEROSE CHARANIA,* 33, cofounder and CEO, Women 2.0:* I moved myself to the Valley with no money, no job, no plan or connections, and lots of student debt. INGRID AVENDAÑO: It's not unusual for an engineer, just starting out, to make six figures. People have this mentality: I'll wait till my company goes public, then I'll ERIN LEE,* 31, global product lead, Google:* The perks are Willy Wonka unreal. DONA SARKAR,* 34, engineering manager, Microsoft:* I grew up poor. My goal when I was a kid was to be able to walk into a store and buy something without looking at the price tag.

But there's a reason why everyone gets paid a lot. Working in tech has given me much more than that: I can retire in my forties if I want to.

"I'll keep ranting about this until it changes," says Kara Swisher, the renowned technology journalist and co-executive editor of Re/code, a technology news site.

At some point today, did you get decorating ideas on Houzz? Kick your boyfriend's butt at Assassin's Creed? The staggering imbalance, many insiders say, perpetuates a "brogrammer" culture, where some badly behaved men ostracize, intimidate, and even harass their female colleagues.

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When I was looking for my first job, around 30 companies contacted me. ADRIANA GASCOIGNE,* 37, founder and CEO, Girls in Tech:* I easily made the jump from "old media" to Silicon Valley and landed a job for a start-up, Guba. The culture was very flat, no hierarchy, and you could learn in real time, on the job.They didn't care that I'd dropped out of college because I couldn't afford it. The only issue was that I was the only girl out of 35 employees.I went through a crazy two months doing as many interviews as I could. I remember thinking, How come more women don't know how awesome the start-up world is? I feel bad for people who've only ever worked in the Valley, because they don't realize what the real world is like.LEIGH HONEYWELL,* 30, security engineer:* How is such blatant discrimination still happening?It happens because people at the top let it happen.

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