James may still dating sarah frater

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Have I missed the lads convention that actually took place the day before? A cast of other men follow in an array of different boiler suits. He is here for Man Lab, his BBC series which attempts to unreconstruct the emasculated male by telling them how to do things: fix motorbikes, build bars and fly planes (May has a pilot’s licence, naturally).

I call the PR, who confirms that I am indeed in the correct venue for the interview, and that I should come to the area where the catwalk shows take place. And find James I do, who is actually strutting down the catwalk. He pouts, he smoulders, he juts his hips forward as if on an episode of America’s Next Top Model. “Modern man is in crisis,” he announces, eating a plate of parma ham and a selection of cheeses.

Some of those Seventies fabrics and things we've forgotten about such as the plastic beaded door curtain.

That's the peak of dart skill, then it falls off very rapidly.

“The problem these days is you’re not allowed to be interested in things as that means you have OCD, or you are gay or something.

Dance music fills the centre, as do stands of edgy clothes that would be completely unwearable in real life. Later, May explains that this is his first time down a catwalk - his first time at a fashion show even - and that it will probably be his last.

was Ivor Cutler, the Scottish, slightly surreal comedian who died a couple of years ago.

Tools, penknives, nuts and bolts, hardware, that sort of thing.

I'm not a big film buff; I like watching films but I tend to forget them. I've never read it again because these things are often disappointing if you revisit them. I saw it at an exhibition 15 years ago and thought it was fantastic.

And Wells Cathedral, because I like cold, austere, medieval stuff. If it's a really rainy Sunday afternoon and I don't have to be anywhere I quite like sitting in a chair and watching The Battle of Britain or Where Eagles Dare. It's about a bloke who's trying to identify the time in his life when he grew up.

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