Maryse dating the miz

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Mc Mahon later gave the title to Mideon, who found it in Mc Mahon's duffel bag, thus reactivating it.After Wrestle Mania, Vince briefly made his second face run and Shane took control of the Corporation.Test was able to get the win, and Mc Mahon eventually settled his differences with Test, thus making his second face run by becoming his ally.Later in the year, Stephanie turned heel, siding with her new kayfabe husband then-heel, Triple H (the two began their off-screen relationship around this time, but did not marry in real life until 2003).The two met in a rematch at Wrestle Mania XV; Mc Mahon got help from his childhood friends the Mean Street Posse and Triple H, who turned on X-Pac during the match, to retain the championship.Mc Mahon then retired the title, wanting to retire as an "undefeated champion".On July 12, 2013, Mc Mahon voluntarily stepped down as CEO of YOU On Demand and appointed Weicheng Liu as his successor, while remaining YOD’s principal executive officer and Chairman of the Board.

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In February 1999, Mc Mahon moved away from the commentary role on Heat and became a key component in the Corporation angle, winning the European Championship from X-Pac.He worked for WWE for over 20 years before resigning in January 2010.In WWE, he is a one-time European Champion and a one-time Hardcore Champion.With that, the Mc Mahon-Helmsley Faction began, and all of the other Mc Mahons disappeared from television.At No Way Out, Shane made his return as a heel again by trying to help The Big Show defeat The Rock; these efforts failed as Vince Mc Mahon returned the Next Monday Night, when the Rock got a rematch against the Big Show, and helped the Rock win the match.

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