Online dating small talk

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"I used to ask women what they did for work or what their hobbies were," says North Carolinian Bill, 34."But I get a whole different — and better — response now that I ask them what they are passionate about.Just remember: No one ever looked back on an exciting date and thought, "Wow, all that small talk really bonded us together!

We see small talk questioning as an interrogation and invasion, while she sees it as a way to connect more deeply. Do it the right way, and do it well, and you’ll be rewarded with a great night, and many more great nights to come.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: You’re on a date. You can steer away from broadsiding that disaster, and it’s easier than you think.

It’s your first or second one with her, and you’re still in that “getting to know you” stage. It doesn’t mean simply changing the subject or avoiding answering her questions either.

Researchers then looked at the conversations the participants had with others, and then they broke them down into two categories: 1) small talk (defined as uninvolved conversations in which only trivial information was exchanged), and 2) substantive conversations (defined as conversations in which meaningful information was exchanged).

Those who spent more time with others reported being happier — which isn't groundbreaking news to those who follow human trends and needs for social engagement.

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