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In the middle of Midtown Spider-Man grapples with both of them.A part of the Symbiote binds to itself to Parker, and Spider-Man continues the fight.As Spider-Man searches for Carnage and Venom, He had a short battle with Silver Sable and Punisher, who is also looking for the two Symbiotes During his campaign to cleanse the city, Spider-Man bumbs into Shadowcat and discovers that Venom is cloning himself using the symbiote suit he wears with carnage as the create Symbiotic pods and throwing innocent people and turing them into various Symbiotes and form hives all over New York. Spider-Man: Death and Dating is a much better book than its title suggests.

It is quickly taking up my book shelf as these books come out often.Instead of poorly crafted love stories and one off ideas designed to embarrass the hero, Death and Dating is a collection of separate stories from the post "Brand New Day" era.The Shocker-centric issues drawn by Marcos Martin are outstanding. However this is a collection of about three separate ideas bundled together for sake of concentric issue numbers.Unknown to the police, the civilians have been infected with symbiotes At the Daily Bugle, Peter over hears that he getting blamed for what happend on the roof but some people refuse to believe Jonah Jameson as they were attacked by the same deranged people as they were crawling on walls. Peter knew it was Carnage and Venom that the symbiote is reproducing itself.Then Scorpion comes in and kidnaps him and Spider-Man fallows them to the top of the Trask building Wolverine attacks Spider-Man at Hell's Kitchen, thinking Spider-Man to be possessed by a symbiote. Spider-Man attempts to contact Reed Richards and Tony Stark order to create a device that will disinfect the city and destroy the symbiotes.

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