Updating old computer

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I want to use it to access the web and when I tried earthlink said I needed a minimum of 32 megs of ram and I didn't have enough memory space.

Right now free juno only lets me on the internet for about an hour a month. Buying a new computer is not in the serious plans for the near future, At least not without putting myself further in debt (my credit card balance is zero and I want to keep it that way since it is for emergencies only)Is it possible to do or should I continue to use this "not a real computer"?

Please send your donations via Bit Coin for the time being as we work to bring in some new payment methods.

I just purcahsed a new computer and would like to transfer everything from old computer.

With Cloud Ready, a Chrome-based operating system, you can breathe new life into a laptop destined for the graveyard.

WSJ's Joanna Stern shows you how to get started. Lenovo Think Pad T400, beloved laptop, was laid to rest after its slowing hard drive and spinning hourglass became too much to bear. The reports of many laptops’ death have been greatly exaggerated.

We have just completed a massive update to the Nintendo Game Cube section of the ROMs collection.

Special thanks goes to our forum curators and admins for all your hard work and help.

Launched in 2005 it was a specific built PC and was used up to 2009 in various models, identifiable by their colour.

This is an exciting addition to the database but at present we only have BIOS images. Website members have now increased an additional 10,000 since the end of December 2015. At the same time donations are at an all time low so I urge everyone to please donate using our new payment processor.

Database Size : 5125.61GBTotal Roms Available : 584,191Total Systems Available : 566Different Manufactures (Nintendo, Commodore etc) : 145Total Downloads (Since Start) : 91.2 million Average Downloads (Per Month) : 600,000Average Downloads (Per Day) : 20,000We have some more updates coming in the next few weeks.

Good News, we have now got our payment processor working again and as a result members can upgrade to unlimited accounts with just a credit card.

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