Updating slingbox firmware

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After learning the service was being discontinued, Page called Clearwire customer service to learn what other options were available.

“They claim they will essentially match your current level of Clearwire service on the Sprint network,” Page told “Although Clearwire originally advertised unlimited service, the representative was not willing to match that through Sprint.

reader Randall Page has been looking for a new ISP after receiving a notification from Clearwire its network is ceasing operations before the end of this year and he needs to find a different provider: Dear Valued CLEAR/Clearwire Customer, You are receiving this notice because our records show you are subscribed to services on the CLEAR 4G (Wi MAX) Network or Clearwire Expedience network.

Sprint is in the process of implementing major enhancements to the Sprint 4G LTE Network, including the deployment of Sprint Spark, an enhanced LTE network capability, by repurposing the CLEAR 4G (Wi MAX) Network and Clearwire Expedience Network.

A computer hooked up to your TV gives you flexibility, even if the user interface isn’t always ideal.

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James outlined why you don’t need a smart TV, saying basically that the “smart” bits will be obsolete long before you should be buying a new TV. It’s not complicated to hook up a desktop computer to your TV and set it up as your XBMC media center.“No consideration for Clearwire customers, no special promotions, no loyalty discounts, nothing for customers like us who have been with Clearwire for almost five years,” Page complained.“When Alltel was sold off and their network was changed, customers were given a free replacement phone as a courtesy, but Sprint seems to care less about us.” Sprint acquired Clearwire in 2013 mostly for its massive spectrum holdings in the 2.5GHz band.He loves technology, people and nature – and tries to enjoy all three whenever possible. Clearwire users seeking alternatives after the wireless ISP shuts down its Wi MAX network this fall are surprised to hear some Clear customer service representatives recommending Comcast as their best option.

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