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Customized programs are offered to get you hitting the ball straighter and farther with fewer strokes, more understanding, less effort and added enjoyment.

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The final guidelines, expected in the next fortnight, are likely to suggest a male adult should consume no more than the equivalent of seven teaspoons of sugar a day.

He added: ‘So the question for all of us is, are we going to, as the National Health Service, stand by and get ready to treat that burden of illness, or are we going to rattle the cage and advocate for something different?

NHS dentistry is free for children and we strongly recommend parents take children for regular check-ups.’The BMA, which represents 153,000 doctors, is seeking a ban on advertising unhealthy food and drink around children’s television programmes and an end to the marketing of sweets by children’s TV characters.

The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition is expected to say people need to more than halve their intake of added sugar.

Sweet tooth: This graphic shows how many teaspoons of sugar are in each of the fizzy drinks and sugar-laden juices above.

Doctors will today demand that sugary drinks be taxed at 20 per cent to tackle the obesity crisis‘We know from experiences in other countries that taxation on unhealthy food and drinks can improve health outcomes, and the strongest evidence of effectiveness is for a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages.‘The majority of the UK population, particularly low income households, are not consuming enough fruit and vegetables, so financial measures should also be considered to subsidise their price, which has risen by 30 per cent since 2008.’ Tackling tooth decay: Nigel Hunt, dean of the Royal College of Surgeons’ dental faculty, has said sugary foods and drinks should carry cigarette-style warning pictures to highlight the risk they pose to children’s teeth Kawther Hashem, a nutritionist and researcher for the Action on Sugar campaign, said: ‘Parents and children are drowning in a world full of sugary drinks, cheap junk food and aggressive marketing targeting children.‘We have asked for expert advice about the amount of sugar we should be eating, which will be published soon, and this will be taken into account as we continue to work on our childhood obesity strategy.’George Freeman, who has the life sciences portfolio, said: ‘Where there is a commercial product which confers costs on all of us as a society, as in sugar, and where we can clearly show that the use of that leads to huge pressures on social costs, then we could be looking at recouping some of that through taxation.’ The doctors said: ‘[Unhealthy products] are often situated at eye level or within easy reach of young children, which may encourage them to use pester power to persuade their parents to purchase snacks.‘Regulations should be developed that prohibit retailers from displaying unhealthy food and drink products at checkouts and in queuing areas and the use of schemes that require retail staff to promote unhealthy food and drink products at checkouts.’Nigel Hunt, dean of the Royal College of Surgeons’ dental faculty, said a ‘frightening’ number of children had had decayed teeth removed.

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