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Beset by line-up changes, Jakob's frustrations with the band's slow creative process and commercial decline led him to want to go it alone.His solo debut conjures up a mythical America, where ordinary lives are set against a battleground of ethical struggle, and simple choices have profound consequences.Outside the home, however, things got a little less normal."The second you walked out the door, it was everywhere. " Remarking upon the bizarre activities of AJ Weberman, the infamous "garbologist," who raided the Dylan family's trash in an effort to glean insight into Bob's songs, Jakob once declared incredulously: "Those were my diapers! He has four children with his wife and he always says that he cannot wait to get back home.

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"I stretched out as much as possible, made them a little sneaky, so they stick around for a while." The much admired Rick Rubin proved an ideal collaborator.

You're gonna make it good, and that's it.' His best ability is to share with you when he is moved by the music. It either reverberates in your soul and your heart or it doesn't, and no amount of knob-twiddling is gonna make it any more moving." Jakob's lyrics have a literate, old-world flavour.

"I don't want it to be heavy-handed, I want it just to weave seamlesly through your imagination, and that has to do with the shape of words, and comes probably more from literature and poetry and folk music than listening to rock and roll.

It is the kind of record that, despite its apparent simplicity and austerity, opens up with repeated listens.

And it is perhaps all the more remarkable because the Dylan in question is not Bob but his youngest son, Jakob."For the kind of work I'm in," says Jakob, weighing his words carefully, "if you're a songwriter, if you really mean business, it's inevitable you're gonna arrive at the place where you just want to pare it back and do something primitive.

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