Windows xp updating software

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The Fix Windows Update was resuscitated with the oldest trick in the book, re-installing the software.Microsoft's first suggestion was to download version 3 of the Windows Update "Agent" (file Windows Update Agent30-x86.exe) to the root of the C disk, then run it with Start - Run and the following command: C:\Windows Update Agent30-x86/wuforce The installation was quick and painless. The link to this stand-alone version of the Windows Update agent may change over time.Update: A reader named Joseph pointed out that this is from an older version of Windows Update.(July 27, 2008) But the other log file, "Windows Update.log" is a gold mine of information (this file has no spaces in the name).It was included in the debugging information sent to Microsoft and revealed that my problem was an error 0x80004002.

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Three machines are P4 desktops and one is a 5 years old dell laptop. I have windows update configured to update manually, and when I go into the windows update site I am prompted to install the latest updating software, When I click on install the processor goes into overdrive and the install does not complete.

If I close the window down and reopen it I get the same option and the same thing happens again.

When I tried an update on one PC this morning I did not even get the message to install the latest updating software, the machine just sat there with the processor roaring its head off until I closed the window down.

To see, try running Windows Update manually from the website to insure it can install patches.

A brief search turned up forum postings at from others with this problem.

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